Andy Robbins

Series Producer Director / Edit Producer

For copyright reasons many of these films are password protected, but if you are considering working with me you can watch them.

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Full Swing Series 2

High end observational doc series following the PGA Tour golfers on and off the course for the season. I covered UK segments for this US based production.

8 x 60min Netflix 

The Curse of the Highgate Vampire

The story of two rival paranormal investigators who sparked a real-life hunt for a Vampire in 1970’s North London. 

60min Discovery+   

Damian Lewis Spy Wars:  Exodus

The extraordinary story of how MOSAD set up its own Red Sea diving resort as cover for a mammoth  secret operation to repatriate a lost tribe of Jews from the Sudan.

8 x 60min The History Channel   

Damian Lewis Spy Wars:  Escape from Tehran

The story of  the CIA operation to smuggle escaped US Embassy staff out of revolutionary Iran disguised as Sci Fi film crew.

8 x 60min The History Channel 

The World’s Most Scenic River Journeys:  The Spey

Bill Nighy narrates photogenic trips along the most beautiful waterways on earth.  Set the style and tone for the first run of this hugely popular series.  

1 x 60min Channel 5

The Space Shuttle:  Triumph and Tragedy Episode 1

The men and women who built and flew the Shuttles reveal the inside story of the world’s first reusable spacecraft from its conception through to its maiden voyage. 

2  x 60min Channel 5

The Space Shuttle:  Triumph and Tragedy Episode 2

To the outside world the iconic spaceships appeared to be a huge  success, but arrogance and complacency at the top of NASA would bring the Shuttles  to a catastrophic end. 

2  x 60min Channel 5

Filthy Cities: Industrial New York

Dan Snow experiences the dirtiest side of New York’s past, bought alive with stunts, CGI, drama doc and actuality. Also directed/produced the Discovery version presented by Don Wildman. 

 59min BBC2/Discovery. 

The World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys: Northern Spain

Bill Nighy narrates a photogenic trip on the Transcantabrico luxury train as it winds its way along the north coast of Spain.  Set the style and tone for the first run of this hugely popular series.  

6 x 60min Channel 5

The World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys:  Wales

The Welsh coastline by train,  taking in the fairytale village of Portmeirion, the seaside resort of Aberdovey and meeting up with Prince Charles in the ancient capital of Machynlleth  

6 x 60min Channel 5

The World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys:  Norway

This time we’re on the Dovre line travelling from Oslo to Bodo high in the Artic Circle,  on the way passing through the epic Gudbrandsdal valley and across the awe-inspiring Dovrefjell mountain plateau

6 x 60min Channel 5

Inside the Tube: Going Underground

Presenter Rob Bell unearths the history and discovers the inner workings of the Underground. Produced and directed:  The Central Line and The Piccadilly Line.    

4 x 60min Channel 5

Ancient Assassins: Vlad the Impaler

The story of Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for the fictional character of Dracula and one of  medieval Europe’s most ruthless and brutal rulers.

10 x 60min Discovery Channel 

The story Alfred the Great and his epic battle against hordes of Viking invaders. 

10 x 60min Discovery Channel 

Ancient Assassins:  Viking Acpocalypse

Sir Tony Robinson takes a four-day trek along the coastline between Plymouth in Devon and Falmouth, unearthing history of the  smuggling trade which exploded during the late 18th century.

60 min Channel 4

Walking Through History: Cornwall

Walking Through History: Stonehenge

Sir Tony Robinson walks from Avebury to Stonehenge and uncovers the extraordinary history the ancient monuments that define the landscape.  

60min Channel 4

Archive and interviews reveal the troubled story behind the building of the world’s last Trans Atlantic liner that would go on to become the flagship of the nation. 

2 x 60min Channel 5

The QE2: Episode1: World’s Greatest Cruise-ship

The QE2: Episode 2: End of an Era

Charting the iconic liner’s storied life at sea, from bomb threats to its role as troopship in the Falklands conflict, and how the global cruise phenomenon she started inspired the giant cruise ships that ultimately put her out of business.

2 x 60min Channel 5

Being Positive: Dead Unlucky

A graphic look at how HIV evolved to around the globe and your chances of contracting the virus in the UK.

2 x 60 BBC3 

Being Positive: Dead Lucky

Charting the work of the scientists around the globe attempting to discover the origins of HIV to develop new vaccines and drugs to stop it.

2 x 60 BBC3 

Sacred Music: Palestrina & The Popes

Simon Russell Beale travels to Rome to tell the story of Palestrina, the ‚ÄėGodfather‚Äô of Italian music.

4 x 60 BBC4 

Simon Russell Beale travels to Germany to explore how Martin Luther, the monk who started the Protestant Reformation, influenced Bach’s music. 

4 x 60 BBC4 

Sacred Music: Bach & The Lutheran Legacy

Body Hits

Episode 1: Weekend Junkies

Dr John Marsden examines why so many of us use cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy. What price do our bodies pay for those lost weekends?

6 x 30 BBC3

Body Hits

Episode 5: Smart Drugs

A glimpse into the extreme world of California‚Äôs ‚Äėpsychonaughts‚Äô - underground chemists who invent and test powerful mind-altering drugs on themselves.

6 x 30 BBC3

The Unexplained Files: The Peruvian Alien Skull & the Baltic Sea UFO

From reports of strange new creatures to real UFO encounters, an unabashed telling of some of the world's most baffling ‚Äėtrue‚Äô stories mixing drama, CGI doc actuality and IVs.

12 x 60min Discovery. 

The Unexplained Files: The Mystery of the Bosnian Pyramid & The Siberian Lake Serpent

More dubious stories skilfully made believable.  

12 x 60min Discovery. 

Metropolis: Rome

High end travelogue combining actuality, CGi and drama telling the surprising stories behind six if the world’s greatest cities. 

6 x 60min Travel Channel

Treasures of the Anglo Saxons

Dr Nina Ramirez reveals the world of hidden codes and messages in Anglo Saxon art. 

1 x 60min BBC2

Narrated by John Peel,  this is the story of how the bungalow arrived from India and became Britain’s most popular type of home.

6 x 30min Channel 4

Classic Homes: The Bungalow

Classic Homes: The Prefab

Tracing the history of Britain's factory made, flat pack homes and meeting the people who live in and  love them.

6 x 30min Channel 4

Model Squadron: Episode 1

Model aircraft enthusiasts from Britain and Germany bring three key days from the Battle of Britain to life, starting with the  battle over the English Channel.

3 x 60 Channel 4

Model Squadron: Episode 2

The German’s begin a relentless bombing campaign, targeting the RAF’s airfields.  Will the British modellers have enough glue and guts to get planes into the air to stop them?

3 x 60 Channel 4

Model Squadron: Episode 3

The German’s switch tactics and start mass bombing model cities. Will the British modellers master mass formation flying in time to save the nation from destruction?

3 x 60 Channel 4

Summer of Love: My Generation

The legacy of the 60’s explored through the lives of five very different hippies who went to the Isle of Wright Festival and then tuned in, dropped and had kids.

1 x 60min Channel 4

Equinox: Full Throttle

What makes a great racing driver? As computers increasingly take control of high speed machines, Equinox examines the brain of a racing driver to discover how they do it.

1 x 60min Channel 4

Rocket Science: Episode 1

Physics teacher Mr Smith embarks on a special project to use fireworks to inspire a new love of science in a typical class of 13 year-olds. But from the start things don’t go to plan. 

3 x 60min  BBC2

Rocket Science: Episode 2

Mr Smith struggles to keep the fireworks project on track. With school trips to America and Scotland coming up, bad boy Charlie faces being left behind.

3 x 60min BBC2

Rocket Science: Episode 3

Mr Smith organises a school trip to China to see how fireworks are made and the Royal Artillery help him stage an explosive physics lesson. Finally the class have to help design and build one of the biggest displays the city of Liverpool has ever seen. 

3 x 60min BBC2

The Spying Game:  

Spies in the Skies

CIA and KGB spies reveal how they fought the Cold War with satellites that could read a newspaper from space and planes that could travel faster than a bullet.

6 x 30min Channel 4

The Spying Game: 

Walls Have Ears

From microphones hidden in pens to giant fake ‚Äėlistening‚Äô palm trees, Cold War spies reveal the art of bugging a conversation.

6 x 30min Channel 4

The Real Merlin

The real Merlin was an insane, blood thirsty pagan prophet who had nothing to do with King Arthur - how did he become the legendary white bearded wizard we all know today?

1 x 60min Channel 4

Classic Britannia:  Adapt or Die

Final part of the series tracing the development of British classical music from 1945 to the present day.

3 x 60min BBC4

John Virtue at the National Portrait Gallery 

A short film for the Culture Show following landscape painter John Virtue as he prepares to show his work at the end of his tenure as artist in residence at the National Gallery.

8min BBC 2