Andy Robbins

About Me


I have been a Producer/Director for the past 14 years, working on a diverse range of arts, history, science and factual entertainment programmes. They range from films for long running strands such as The Culture Show and Horizon to series like Filthy Cities and Rocket Science for BBC2, Treasures of the Anglo Saxons and Sacred Music for BBC4, as well as specials such as Being Positive for BBC3. 

Early in my career I conceived and developed through to commission the 6 part series The Spying Game for Channel 4, made various one off documentaries such as The Summer of Love, films for strands such as Equinox and The Real and later programmes for ITV and Channel Five.

I am a versatile director and determined producer. I have won awards for my self-shot films - a China Prize for Body Hits: Weekend Junkies (BBC3) and a Royal Philharmonic Award for Classic Britannia (BBC4).  I’m equally confident working with large crews on complex location or studio shoots and in recent years I have also edited, graded and on-lined some of my films.

Often tackling difficult subjects, I pride myself on making visually distinctive and entertaining story driven films.




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Currently in production: The Unexplained Files - Raw TV for Discovery

Availability: I am available in Aug 2014