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Currently in production: The Unexplained Files - Raw TV for Discovery

Availability: I am available in Mid September 2014

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Feb – Aug 2014. Producer/Director. Raw TV

‘The Unexplained Files (Series 2)’ 12 x 60min Discovery’. 

Specialist (Non) Factual Series. From reports of strange new creatures to real UFO encounters - an unabashed telling of some of the world's most baffling ‘true’ stories. 

Executive Producer: Richard Bond. SP John Fothergill 


Jul – Nov 2013. Producer/Director. Wildfire Television

Walking Through History (Series 2)’ 6 x 60min Channel 4 . Tony Robinson embarks on spectacular walks through some of Britain's most historic landscapes in search of the richest stories from the country's past. Made ‘Cornish Contraband’ and ‘Neolithic Wiltshire’. 

Executive Producer: Philip Clarke. SP Owen Rodd



Mar – Jun 2013. Producer/Director. IWC/Zodiak 

‘Stephen Hawking’s Brave New World (Series 2)’ 6 x 60 min. Discovery Channel . Science series looking at the latest scientific discoveries that will change our world in the near future. 

Exec Producer: Mike McDowall, SP: Richard Sattin


2012. Producer/ Director. BBC

‘The Space’. Various short arts films for a new BBC/Arts Council collaboration.

Executive Producer: Peter Maniura


2012. Producer/ Director. IWC/Zodiak

‘Inside the Mind of Leonardo Da Vinci’ 1 x 90 min. 

Rewriting and shooting additional sequences to adapt Julian Jones’ 3D feature drama documentary for 2D television. 

Exec Producer: Peter Lovering


2011-12 Producer/Director Initial

‘The Richest Poet in England’ 1 x 60 min.. Just over 10 years ago Felix Dennis, one of the richest men in the country, decided to he wanted to be the nation’s best selling living poet. He’s invested millions to achieve his goal and divided literary opinion with his traditional style of verse. But now, halfway through making this film, Felix has discovered he has throat cancer.

Sky Arts. Exec Producer: Jules Fuller


2011 Series Director. Freshone

‘Jimmy’s Forest’ 4 x 60 min. Based around life in his tree house Jimmy Doherty explores the natural history, science and culture of British woodland. Channel 4.

Exec Producers: Roy Ackerman and Charlie Clay


Producer/Director BBC

‘Opera’s Fallen Women’ 1 x 30 min. Antonio Pappano explores the history of the art form’s greatest tragic heroines and argues the Royal Opera’s new commission Anna Nicole is a worthy addition to their ranks. BBC4

Exec Producer: Peter Maniura


Producer/Director BBC/Discovery

‘Filthy Cities: Industrial New York’ 1 x 60 min.

Dan Snow experiences the filthy side of New York’s past bought alive with stunts, CGI, drama doc and actuality. Also produced /directed the Discovery version presented by Don Wildman. BBC2

Exec Producer: Eamon Hardy


Producer/Director/Camera. BBC

‘Treasures of the Anglo Saxons’ 1 x 60 min. Dr Nina Ramirez reveals the world of hidden codes and messages in Anglo Saxon art. BBC4

Exec Producer: Jonty Claypole


Producer/Director/Camera. Diverse Production

‘Rocket Science’ 3 x 60 min. Prime-time observational documentary series following physics teacher Mr Smith as he tries to use fireworks to instil a new love of science in a typical class of teenagers. BBC2

Exec Producer: Roy Ackerman


Producer/Director/Camera. BBC

‘Sacred Music: The Story of Allegri’s Miserere’ 1x 30 min 

special. Simon Russell Beale tells the story behind one of the world’s most famous pieces of sacred music. BBC4

Exec Producer: Peter Maniura


Producer/Director/Camera. BBC 

‘Sacred Music’ 4 x 60 min series. Simon Russell Beale travels across Europe exploring the origins of classical music through its religious roots. Produced, Directed and Filmed Palestrina & The Popes and Bach & The Lutheran Legacy. 

BBC4. Exec Producer: Peter Maniura


Producer/Director/Camera. BBC 

‘Classic Britannia’ 3 x 60 min series telling the story of British classical music from 1945 to the present day. Winner of Royal Philharmonic Communications Award 2008. BBC4. Exec Producer: Peter Maniura


Producer/Director/Camera. Endemol 

‘Extinct’ 5 x 60 min Producing/Directing VT inserts looking at the successful conservation projects that saved the otter, cheetah, white rhino and grey wolf from extinction. ITV1


Producer/Director/Camera. BBC. 

‘Horizon Special: Winning Gold in 2012’. 50 min documentary looking at the scientific effort behind Britain’s plans to transform hundreds of young athletes into Olympians in time for 2012. BBC2

Exec Producer: Andrew Cohen


Senior Producer. BBC. 

‘The Culture Show’. 60 min First series of the weekly magazine show looking at news and events in the arts world. BBC2

Exec Producer: George Entwistle


Producer/Director. BBC. 

‘How to get your Dream Job’ 16 x 30 min. Business guru Dr Rob Yeung attempts to turn an interview disaster into a credible candidate in just two days. Produced the first programme. BBC3

Exec Producer: Clare Sillery


Producer/Director/Camera. BBC. 

‘Being Positive: Dead Unlucky’ and ‘Being Positive: Dead Lucky’ 

2 x 60 min AIDS special looking at the global scientific fight against HIV. Filmed across the UK, Africa & United States over a year. Entered for 2 BAFTA and 3 RTS Awards. BBC3/Open University.

Exec Producer: Judith Bunting


Producer/Director/Camera. BBC. 

‘Body Hits’ 6 x 30 minute series looking 

at the impact of modern day life on the human body. Produced and filmed ‘Smart Drugs’ and the award winning episode ‘Weekend Junkies’. Winner of The China Prize, Best Educational Documentary. BBC 3.

Exec Producer: Phil Dolling


Producer/Director. At It Productions 

‘LA Pool Party’ 10 x 45 min Weekly entertainment show from LA. Responsible for VT inserts, ranging from Hollywood celebrity interviews to observational films following bounty hunters at work in the city. BBC1/BBC Choice.

Exec Producer:s: Chris Foracre and Martin Cunning


Director. Shearman Productions: 

Blagging Britain’ 2 x 50 min light-hearted documentary series looking at the tricks, cons and scams people will try to get themselves everything from a free holiday to a free car for the weekend. Channel 4.

Exec Producer: Nick Shearman


Producer/Director. Uden Associates: 

‘Equinox: Full Throttle’ 1 x 50 min science documentary exploring what it takes to be a racing driver and the impact new computer aided controls could have on the sport. Channel 4.

Exec Producer: Patrick Uden


Producer. Uden Associates. 

‘Flight of Death: Payne Stewart’s Last Hours’ 1 x 30 min documentary examining the circumstances behind the golfer’s untimely death. Channel 5.

Exec Producer: Patrick Uden


Producer/Director. Shearman Productions: 

‘Summer of Love: My Generation’ 1 x 50 min documentary exploring the legacy of the sixties through five hippies who all went to the Isle of Wight Festival and tuned in, dropped out and had kids. Channel 4.

Exec Producer: Nick Shearman


Producer/Director. Uden Associates: 

‘The Real Merlin’ 1 x 50 min documentary revealing the real Merlin was an insane pagan prophet who had no connection with King Arthur. Nominated for the RTS Award for Best Photography, Factual. Channel 4.

Exec Producer: Patrick Uden


Producer/Director. Uden Associates: 

‘The Spying Game’ 6 x 30 min series unearthing the secret espionage technology developed during the cold war. Conceived and developed the series, directed ‘Walls Have Ears’ and ‘Spies in the Sky’. Channel 4.

Exec Producer: Patrick Uden


Producer/Director. Uden Associates: 

‘Classic Homes’ 8 x 30 min series exploring the history behind Britain’s most popular types of home. Directed ‘The Bungalow’ and ‘The Prefab’. Channel 4.

Exec Producer: Patrick Uden


Associate Producer on numerous shows including for Channel 4/BBC including The Girlie Show, Johnny Vaughn’s Bog Standard Chat Show, Love in the Afternoon and Desperately Seeking Something Series II & III


Researcher on numerous shows for Channel 4 including With Out Walls: Auto Erotic, Without Walls: The Bloody Trilogy and Desperately Seeking Something Series I.


Runner Kudos Productions working on various pop promos and Channel 4 programmes – mostly making endless cups of fucking tea.


Highly competent lighting and filming with HD, Digi-Beta, DSR. Editing and finishing on FCP - I also have my own HD FCP edit suite

Education and Qualifications

1989 -2

First Class BA (Hons) Degree, Communication Media: Film and Video, Kent Institute of Art and Design


BTEC National Diploma: Graphic Design, Newham Community College, East Ham, London E6

1981- 87

10 ‘O’ Levels, 3 ‘A’ Levels, Wanstead High School, London E11

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